If there is one must-have product for the colder season, it has to be a nourishing hair mask! But what does it actually do?

Hair care 101: nourish and hydrate with rich hair masks!

by Samantha Hunt -

For weeks now, we have been checking off that ever-so important fall and winter kit list to help you protect your body and your beauty against the elements this season! Next on our list we need to up our hair care game, which is why we are going back to basics with one of our favorite tress-treatments: hair masks! So, why do we bang on so much about them, and can they really nourish our locks as much as they say? Let's find out...

What's the deal?

If we had to sum up hair masks with one word, it would have to be intense. These formulae are packed with nourishing oils and ingredients, such as argan, royal jelly, floral blends and arganine to give your hair the high-impact, intense hydration treatment it needs!

Conditioner vs hair mask

So how do they differ from conditioners? Hair masks are much heavier, richer products than your regular conditioner, which makes them perfect as a regular hydrating top-up, but you don't need to go about swapping one for the other! If you have quite fine or thin hair, hair masks can build up if you use them too often, so stick to applying once or twice per week.

However, if you normally have quite dry, frizz-prone locks, using a hair mask whenever you wash your tresses could add the intense TLC that you so desperately need: simply look through the hair mask options available to you and apply after your shampoo as normal!

How to use

Step 1

Once you have washed your hair, towel dry using a jersey cloth to reduce static. Jersey material is also kinder on dry and brittle hair.

Step 2

Next, use your fingers to apply your chosen mask from root to tip, combing through your locks with your fingers and focusing the product on the ends of your strands.

Step 3

Then wrap your hair up into a warm towel and leave for it to work its magic over about 20 minutes, adjusting the time depending on your hair's condition and needs.

Step 4

Rinse out the mask with cool water and allow for your hair to dry naturally for a change: it's time to give your locks a break!

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Re-Nutrition Deep Moisture Mask
Re-Nutrition Deep Moisture Mask