<p>Hair Care: 6 ways to protect colour-treated hair when you go swimming</p>

Hair Care: 6 ways to protect colour-treated hair when you go swimming

by Paige Exell -

Welcome to the struggles of summer! The sun is hot and the humidity is ruining your hair and makeup, but there's nothing you would rather do than lay out (with sunscreen, of course!) by the pool. Unfortunately, there is one downfall to this fantasy. The obvious offender? Chlorine. It can suck moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, tangled, and brittle. Even worse, there's that whole blonde-hair-turns-green transformation thing pools do.

But then, there are the less obvious issues we often tend to overlook when we go for a dip – like UV rays from the sun that can break down hair colour molecules (it's especially a problem for redheads!).

So, to make your next pool day as chill as it ought to be, Get The Look is giving you some tips on how to protect your colour-treated hair from the chlorine.


Before jumping into the pool, try coating your hair in oil – and no, not that oil that you used before learning the dangers of frying in the sun – our favourite multi-use product: coconut oil. Coat your hair in coconut oil before exposing it to chlorine. This will create a slippery barrier between your strands and harmful chlorine.


Before you get into the pool, rinse your hair with clean water (whether it's in the shower, or at one of those rinse-off stations you find at the pool). This lets your hair absorb less chlorine or salt water, because it's already soaked up with clean stuff. After swimming, give it another rinse and shampoo/condition your locks to protect them from the chlorine. Don't have access to a shower or rinse-off station? A bottle of purified water will work just fine!


Like your skin needs to be protected from the sun, your hair does too. Look for hair products that contain UVA and UVB filters to protect it from the chlorine and the sun. Whether it's a leave-in treatment, shampoo, or spray formula, UVA or UVB-infused hair products will help fend off harsh rays and chemical damage, all while helping to repair split ends and frizz.


The way you wear your hair to the pool or the beach can have a surprisingly big effect on maintaining it. Try to keep your head and hair out of the water as much as possible. Think a cute bun, topknot, or braid that will prevent your strands from soaking in the pool water while you float around and wade. The best part? Up-dos are having a major moment in the spotlight this summer.


After swimming in a chlorine-filled pool, resist the urge to go straight from the water to the party – it can do some serious damage to your hair. Take the time to wash any chemicals or drying sea salt from your hair. If you're blonde, opt for a shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize your hair. If you have a brown, hair you'll want to opt for a product that will restore the colour and add shine that chlorine can strip away. And if you're a redhead, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is key.


After washing up, hydrate your hair with a mask. Add a couple of drops of L'Oreal's Fibraology Masque Treatment to your ends to protect from the sun and extra damage, and provide treatment for weakened hair.

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