Hair Inspiration: 5 hairstyle trends inspired by the '90s that are making a comeback

Hair Inspiration: 5 hairstyle trends inspired by the '90s that are making a comeback

by Paige Exell -

After seeing our fair share of '90s makeup trends hit the spring 2016 runways, including matte brown lipstick and tightly lined waterlines, we're ready to take the trend a step further, and bring the '90s back to our everyday hair care routines, as well.

You may have thought that you would never again see the day, but with edgy pigtail twists, half ponytails, scrunchies, and volumized '90s girl group hair back in the beauty game, it's time to dig up your old crimping iron, and embrace the grungy decade we all love – with a modern twist!

So, how do you show your nostalgia for the '90s without looking like your old pre-teen self? Get The Look has 5 '90s hair trends you can adopt in a way that's appropriate for this decade.


Just when you thought you would never need that old crimping iron again, tight, zig-zagged curls are back in action – and in a modern way. While beach waves are a great option for relaxed summer days, crimped hair gives you a volumized, wild and sexy look that is best suited for equally wild evenings.

Designed for medium-length to long hair, these tight curls not only offer maximum volume, but an extremely versatile look, as hair can be styled in a ponytail, half-ponytail, and even with braids. Pair your crimped look with a leather or denim jacket for the ultimate '90s look.


After years of seeing celebs like Miley Cyrus rock tight, twisted buns on top of their heads, you may have forgotten that the trend actually had its major moment on pop singers and girl bands of the '90s. Perfect for lazy days when washing your hair just isn't an option, or for breezy days if you want to keep it out of the way, twisted buns are extremely easy to achieve.

Simply part your hair down the middle, and secure each section into two ponytails on top of your head. Wrap the hair around the base of the ponytails while twisting it to create a tight bun. For added edge, style three buns in a single file on your head.


At the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, half ponytails took over the heads of Doutzen Kroes , Eva Longoria , and Bianca Balti in many different forms. Now, the half hairstyle is being worn in a messier version of itself, with celebs perching buns on top of shoulder-length locks. To achieve the look, start by styling your hair however you prefer – straight, curly, wavy, or crimped – then take a portion of hair from the top of your head, and secure it into a messy bun.


Nothing says '90s like a vibrant neon scrunchie! To add a youthful, childish side to your look, wear a scrunchie of your choice around a bun or ponytail. If you'd rather avoid this accessory for everyday life, save it for the gym, or better yet – a festival!


While the high horse-tail pony began with stars like Madonna and Britney Spears in the '90s, it continues on celebs like Rihanna for the modern-day red carpet. The best part about this look? It's easy to pull off, versatile, and shows off your face when you're having a good makeup day. To get the look, style the length of your hair however you like, then pull the top portion into a high ponytail at the top of your head for the ultimate retro look.

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