Nina Dobrev arrives at the 15th Annual Trevor Project Benefit

Hair tutorial: get Nina Dobrev's romantic braided updo

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev stunned when she arrived at the 15th Semi-Annual Trevor Project Benefit in Hollywood, California on December 8, 2013. The television star was dressed in an elegant blue floor-length Elie Saab gown with lace bodice and collar. She accessorized with matching jewelry.

Dream hair

Dobrev rose to fame for her role in a fantasy television show, so it's only natural she bring a bit of an ethereal quality to her look now and then! The actress' dress was light and flowy, her makeup smooth and natural- everything about this look was perfect- but what really caught our eye was Nina's hairstyle.

Wondering how to get this look at home? Follow our tutorial:

- Start by distributing curl-creating mousse evenly through wet hair. Use a diffuser and your hands to to scrunch up the hair as you dry it, creating a loose, natural curl .

- Once your hair is dry, spray it through with sea salt spray to create a natural tousled look. Use your fingers to create a side part on the top of your head. If needed, use a curling iron to curl the front sections of your hair.

- Starting behind the left ear, create a french braid. When you reach the nape of the neck, continue braiding the hair. Do the same on the right side until you have two braided pigtails.

- Cross the braids at the back of your head, pinning them in place, and then wrap them around so they create an oval. Tuck the ends under the braid so they're concealed. Be sure to use enough bobby pins to keep everything in place!

- Finally, spray all over with hairspray.

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