Hair Tutorial: Haley Bennett's crimped ponytail at TIFF 2016

Hair Tutorial: Haley Bennett's crimped ponytail at TIFF 2016

by Paige Exell -

With crimped hair on the rise as one of fall/winter 2016/17's hottest hair throwback trends, it's no surprise that we've already spotted the textured look on the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival red carpet.

Actress Haley Bennett attended a press conference for her new film The Magnificent Seven last night in Toronto, sporting a loose and tousled crimped ponytail for a bohemian look that complimented her natural makeup.

And while we love this carefree style for the red carpet, it also makes for the perfect lazy-girl back-to-school 'do when you just don't have a lot of time in the morning. Not to mention, it crimped and textured hair is the way to go for fall 2016! So why not try this look for the season? Follow our simple steps to achieve this style for yourself!


If you own a crimping iron (from your obsession with the look back in the '90s), it's much easier to achieve that crimped look. But if you don't, worry not! Crimped hair can easily be achieved by sleeping on a head full of braids. If you'd like to achieve larger waves, style your hair in thicker braids before you go to bed. If you'd like smaller crimps, braid your hair in multiple small stranded braids before you hit the hay.

Then when you wake up in the morning, untie your braids and voila! Crimped hair! If you do own a crimping iron, make sure to spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before using the hot tool.

Section your hair off into two sections (one at the bottom of your hair and one at the top), crimping the bottom first, then the top, starting mid-way down your head for subtler look.

Now that your hair is crimped, it's time to start the ponytail!


After either braiding or crimping your hair, you'll want to give it that tousled, bohemian look that Haley rocked on the TIFF red carpet. To do this, simply run a brush gently through your hair to give the texture a more toned down look. Follow up with hairspray to ensure the waves hold!


Now, it's time to perform the ponytail. Start by tying an elastic in your hair halfway down the length of your hair, leaving the hair above the elastic loose, with a few strands hanging around your face. Pull the hair up from the elastic to create this tousled look. Hairspray your hair to ensure long lasting wear.


Next, take one strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray.


Finish off by back combing the hair within your ponytail with a fine tooth comb to create that messy, bohemian look. Finish off by spraying your entire head with hairspray!

Stay tuned for more TIFF 2016 hairstyles!

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