A chic unstyled look

Hair tutorial: the perfect "unstyled" look

With the rise of "no makeup" makeup, it's only natural an "unstyled" hair trend would follow suit. With the right products, you can step out in the very best version of your natural state for the ultimate "I woke up like this" look!

Why try?

There's something decidedly cool about a girl who can leave her apartment without a face full of makeup or perfectly coiffed hair. It speaks to an inner confidence that not many can source and makes its wearer appear effortlessly elegant and beautiful. It might not be workplace friendly (depending on where you work), but it's perfect for an evening out or relaxed weekend look.

Get the look

Step one: Starting with dry hair (preferably hair that was washed the day before), comb through it to remove knots and tangles (you're going for a chic bedhead, not a rat's nest!).

Step two: Warm a knob of styling putty on your fingertips to emulsify it and make the product easier to work with.

Step three: Work the gum through the middle section and ends of the hair with your fingers, starting with the bottom layers and working up to the top of your head.

Step four: Apply more putty as needed. Stop once you have enough on your hair to hold a tousled texture after a few scrunches, being careful not to overload the hair and make it too heavy.

Top tip: Leaving the odd section untouched will create an even more interesting texture.

Step five: Using the end of a tail comb, create a side part. Tuck the hair on the opposite side behind your ear and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step six: Make any final adjustments, scrunching and shaking through the hair as needed.


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