Haircare: 3 ways to protect and nourish your hair
Oleotherapy Perfecting Oil Essence
Oleotherapy Perfecting Oil Essence

Haircare: 3 steps to protect and nourish your hair

Hair dye, chemical treatments, heat styling tools... even wearing your hair in elaborate updos everyday can damage your locks by weakening the hair fiber. So, how can you nourish your hair and protect it from breakage? Luckily for you, we've got 3 ways right here...

Add oil to your hair mask

There's nothing better than oil to nourish and strengthen hair: it's full of fatty acids, helps seal in moisture, and smooths the hair follicle by filling in gaps. Why not add it to your reguler hair mask for double the hydration?

In a bowl, mix a generous scoop of hair oil with roughly 1 tablespooon of hair oil and mix it up. You can even warm the mixture up by putting the bowl in a flat pan filled with very hot water for better penetration (note: do not microwave your hair mask, you'll risk zapping its active ingredients). If you have curly or very dry hair, don't hesitate to try a 50/50 mix.

Wrap your hair in a hot towel

As heat opens the pores in your skin, it also opens up the hair cuticle. This is why creating a warm environment for your hair mask is so effective. Place a slightly damp towel in the microwave and let it heat up until it's warm to the touch but not burning hot. Wrap the towel around your hair and leave it on for a few minutes to close the cuticle.

Leave it on all night

Alternatively, you can also sleep with your hair mask on. Apply your mask and then put a shower cap or inexpensive scarf over your hair. Your body heat will warm up the hair as you sleek, allowing the hair oil to nourish your locks while you get your beauty sleep!

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