Hairstyle Inspiration: how to wear adult pigtails, inspired by your favourite celebrities

Hairstyle Inspiration: how to wear adult pigtails, inspired by your favourite celebrities

by Paige Exell -

Pigtails – the quintessential preschooler hairdo has officially made a comeback. No longer known to rest solely on the shoulders of a young Wednesday Addams or – on the other end of the spectrum – an innocent Michelle Tanner, pigtails have been given a mature upgrade that allows grown women to channel their younger years. The best part? Pigtails are the easiest way to cover up a bad hair day and will always stay exactly where you leave them.

The cutesy kindergarten staple first resurfaced on the Fall 2014 runways, when Marc by Marc Jacobs put a dark spin on the schoolgirl style with black headbands atop disheveled crowns. Later, Jeremy Scott showed off models with tousled braids, while DKNY styled low pigtails with dramatic baby hairs and a jagged side part for Spring 2015.

Now, for fall 2016, celebrities are showing us new and improved ways to take the hairstyle from runway to real life, by opting for everything from twin top-knots to sporty braids and voluminous textures that give youthful pigtails an adult-approved makeover.

To inspire your next hairstyle, we're giving you 3 ways to rock the pigtail trend like a grown woman, inspired by your favourite celebs.



Twin top-knots – two top-knots placed high up on each side of your head – have been making major waves in the beauty world lately. Celebrities like Josephine Skriver, Cara Delevigne, Ciara, and Yara Shahidi have all adopted the trend, giving it a touch of their own personal style. Whether it's two, tousled, I-woke-up-like-this top-knots, or sleek and cleanly wound twin top-knots, this classic '90s trend is one celeb-approved way to give pigtails an adult makeover.

To get the look, simply part your hair down the middle or side – depending on your preference – and pull your hair up into two pigtails at the top of your head on each side of the part. Secure with an elastic. Maneuver the hair within the ponytail so that it takes the shape of a bun, then secure with bobby pins to get that twin top-knot shape. Finish off with a light dose of hairspray!


And no – we're not talking about French braids. Double braids are similar to the boxer braided look, but they aren't French braided into your roots. Take note from FKA Twigs, who has pulled her hair back into pigtails behind her head, and then formed them into two braids.

To get this look, simply part your hair down the middle, then pull both sections of your hair back into two separate ponytails on each side of the part. Secure with an elastic. Apply gel, mousse or styling spray to a fine toothed comb, then comb the lengths of the ponytails to prevent flyaways and keep the hair down. Next, begin classically braiding one ponytail, beginning just beneath the elastic. Repeat on the other section of hair, then secure with an elastic when you reach the bottom.


Low ponies proved to be the ponytail style of choice for fall 2016 – so give it your own personal take by opting for not one, but two low pigtails on each side of your head. For a more adult-approved, sultry look, give the hair volume before you begin.

To achieve this look, start off with damp hair, then spray it with a volumizing spray or mousse. Work the formula into your hair by scrunching it with your fingers, then blow-dry it with your head turned upside down to achieve maximum volume. Once dry, use a fine toothed comb to back comb your hair at the roots for added volume. Next, part your hair effortlessly down the middle, then section it off into two sides on each side of your head. Secure each side with an elastic to create your volumized pigtails! Don't forget to spray your finished product with a volumizing hairspray!

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