Hairstyle Inspiration: the best part for your face shape

Hairstyle Inspiration: the best part for your face shape

by Paige Exell -

For summer 2016, it was all about the surfer-girl middle part accompanied by long, beachy- waves and a sun-kissed glow. Now, for fall 2016 the middle part is about to take a backseat to the deep side part, as showcased by Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, and Stella McCartney. Whether it's slicked over or tousled an unkept, one thing is left unclear: with so many trendy hair parting options popping up on runways, which one do you choose?

To begin answering this question, start by figuring out your face shape. Is it oval, round, square, diamond, oblong or heart-shaped? Then, follow our advice to find the most flattering part for the shape of your face. It turns out, a simple update to your part can elongate your features, bring out your cheekbones, soften sharp angles, and more! So reach for your combs and put the knowledge of your facial shape to good use!



If your face is round, stick to either two of the season's hottest hair trends: down the middle or a deep side part. Because round faces typically tend to be the same length and width, both of these parts will give the illusion of length and create symmetry around your face. One style to avoid? Layers! Add just enough to slim the face, rather than multiple layers that will make the face appear wider. Short hairstyles are great for this face shape!


If your face shape is square, try a side part with bangs. A soft, sideswept part with bangs will add softness to your features. But make sure not to make the part too deep – this will accentuate the angles of a square face. Instead, show just enough skin on your forehead and allow your bangs to offset your angled jawline.


If you have an oval face, you're in luck! The most ideal face shape for any part is the oval shaped face, because it's the shape you are trying to achieve by parting your hair. An oval face shape allows you to try a middle, side or deep part – and you will rock every single one! Play around with your part from day-to-day to mix things up – it will make a bigger difference than you think!


If you have a heart shaped face, take a hint from the fall 2016 runways and try a deep side part. This type of part will break up the chin line, which can be pointy if you have a heart shaped face. A deep side part will also brush softly against your face and give the illusion of softer cheek bones.

If your hair naturally parts down the middle, create a side part by parting your hair while it's wet, then apply a gel to hold the new part in place. Next, use a fine-toothed comb to direct your hair in the new direction as you blow dry.


If you have a diamond-shaped face, you'll want to stay away from short bangs and stick to side parts. A side part (without bangs) will really compliment your strong cheekbones and bone structure. Shorter hairstyles work best for this look, since diamond-shaped ladies have smaller foreheads – anything too long and dramatic will overshadow your face.

To achieve this part, blow-dry your hair to the side with a round brush, lifting and curling as you go for major volume at the roots.


If you have an oblong-shaped face, a middle part is the most ideal for you. Why? A middle part will add the illusion of roundness to your face. Straight across bangs with a middle part also work very well for this look because they help shorten the long face shape. Ask for a haircut with layers to bring out your cheekbones and strong jaw line, making the face appear slightly wider.

Which part will you try next?

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