Bella Thorne has long bangs and need a regular visit to her hairdresser to keep her hairstyle fresh. Photo taken in Los Angeles, on August 11th, 2013

Hairstyle SOS: How long should a long fringe be?

by Kathy Saunders -

When you have bangs, deciding where the line between "long" and "seriously in need of a trim" can be less than easy. Thanks to people likeLea Michele, Bella Thorne and Taylor Swift, long bangs have become a real hairstyle trend but there's still no golden rule about when to stop.

Of course, when the tips of your bangs start poking you in the retina, it's a good time to perhaps think about booking that appointment with your hairdresser, unless you're going for a side-swept look and are at the painful mid-point of the growing out process.

So, how long should a long bangs be?

Ideally, long bangs should cover part or all of your eyebrows but stop before getting into your eyes. For a side-swept look or one that splits in the middle and feathers outwards, it's all down to what you prefer; the longest point reaching your temples and the shortest just above your eyebrows is always a good combination.

It's a relatively high maintenance look as bangs like this require regular trims to keep it the same length, fortunately, a lot of salons offer free bangs cuts to regular clients.


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