<span>This photo of Enman McDaniel, Jordan Miller and Leandra Earl of 'The Beaches' got us thinking about the perfect performance hair. The band was performing at the French Connection x Rankin 'The Full Service' #SketchToStore campaign launch at Rankin Studios on 17 July 2013 in London, England.</span>

Hairstyle SOS: How to get hair to survive a rock concert

Yet another reason to keep your hair long: so that you can whip it around at a rock concert.

Seriously. Not even kidding. Bear with me while I tell this story to prove my point: I knew a guy once who used to be into heavy metal and had long hair that was actually really gorgeous. He kept his hair long JUST because he liked the sensation of flipping it around at a rock concert. True story.

As you can see, long hair makes quite a scene whether you are on stage or off.

But here's the thing: you don't want to LEAVE the concert with your hair in some shambolic state (your eardrums already will be, so you don't want to have all parts broken.)

Here are a few tips to rocking that rock concert look:

Hairspray. Hairspray, hairspray. It comes in all shapes and forms and is your best friend to keeping a look for as long as possible. As you are participating in a high-movement situation, you'll want to get the most extreme hold stuff you can get your hands on.

Hair oil. One of the worst post-concert messes to sort out is tangles. Probably reason number one why so many music people just give up and get dreadlocks. But if you aren't ready for dreads, then use a little hair oil before. Healthy, moisturised hair is less likely to tangle! You can also use anti-frizz serum (a gift of the gods) and hair masks to the same effect.

Try a ponytail. Comb your hair out and slick it back with gel to really hold it and also get the trendy wet-look. A long ponytail keeps your hair off of your neck while also letting you flip to your heart's content. We dare you to try and swirl it like a lasso (hint: stretch your neck first.)

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