Allison Williams AKA Marnie in HBO's Girls, showed off a chic chignon with a centre parting at the GIRL RISING New York Premiere, heald at the Paris Theatre in New York on 6 March 2013.

Hairstyle trend: Celebrities with strict chignons and centre partings

by Kathy Saunders -

As celebrity hairstyle trends go, the strict chignon with center parting is one of the more striking looks on the red carpet. With its polished and slightly severe finish, it always makes whoever is wearing stand out in front of the cameras. Everyone from fashionista Olivia Palermo to the stars of HBO's "Girls", Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams, to Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing their hair this way.

So, what makes this hairstyle so great?

A great wet-look alternative

If you're a feeling a little reluctant to go for a full-on wet-look hairstyle, this sleek chignon is perfect for you. It's smooth without requiring any gel and is just effective when it comes to keeping your hair off your face.

A great showcase for your make-up

Because of the way this hairstyle exposes your face, it creates a totally blank canvas for your to play with where your make-up is concerned. As Kim Kardashian proved, this look works with bright red lipstick or, like Allison Williams, with a more subtle coral shade.

As far as eye make-up is concerned, however, it's best to keep things minimal with a little black eyeliner or simply just a coat of mascara. Because of the unforgiving way your hair is pulled back, anything more intense would just make your eyes look too big. In turn, this means that the proportions of your face would become ever so slightly ridiculous and your cool-chic demeanour would be ruined.

A different look

In a world of fishtail braids and romantic chignons, this "I mean business" look makes quite a statement. It's serious, it's chic and it's not to be messed with!

So, give it a try the next time you have an important meeting or interview!

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