Long feathered bangs were all over the John Richmond show for Milan Fashion Week

Hairstyle trend: Long feathered bangs

Normally bangs hit the middle of the brow, but we've been seeing models and celebrities alike with fringes that seem just a bit too long - that is to say they finish just under eyelash level. Annoying? A recipe for disaster (hair in your eyes, constant rubbing, pushing hair out of your face)? Well, maybe... But there must be a reason why designers and stars are all letting their bangs down. Let's investigate!


Selena Gomez and Lea Michele are probably the most well-known celebrities with blunt bangs. But the trend has developed in 2014, and now bangs are thick but slightly feathered, adding a scruffy element to the look. For Fashion Week A/W, designer John Richmond gave his models these edgy bangs to complement his outfits.

Are bangs right for me?

Bangs are popular because they are a great way to show off your eyes. They provide a frame, in much the same way as glasses do, and draw the focus immediately to your eye level. With these long feathered bangs, the extra length adds a sense of mystery. The feathered aspect of the fringe is echoed by the cut of the lengths.

Face shape

Before you go ahead and call your stylist, however, you need to absolutely make sure that your face shape suits long bangs. People with square faces (think Nicole Richie, Lea Michele), oval faces or high foreheads will suit this style in particular, whereas heart-shaped and round faces should think about going for sideswept bangs instead.


We've decided that long feathered bangs are worth exploring. Even if there might be an element of impracticality, they are a fun twist on the blunt bangs we've gotten used to seeing. Plus, they're a low-maintenance option - so no more worries about having to trim your fringe every week, just let it grow!

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