Hairstyle trends at the Oscars with Eric del Monaco

Beauty correspondent Gina Deyoung talks to L'Oréal Paris hair stylist Eric del Monaco about his favorite hairstyles on the red carpet, as well as a trend he spotted!

The Experts Discuss

Gina - They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but on the Oscars red carpet it came in all great lengths!

Eric - All great lengths, and I loved it! You know, there was a trend - a subtle trend - let me know if you noticed it, a lot of short hair and off the face, and it was actually worn by three different generations: Bette Midler, Portia de Rossi and Jennifer Lawrence. A clean look, all off the face, shows off your makeup, your accessories...beautiful!

Gina - So many great looks to consider tonight, Eric. Which one truly stood out to you?

Eric - You know what, Gina, I have to tell you, my favorite was Amy Adams. I love that hair! I mean, it's beautifully all pulled back, very elegant, truly truly beautiful!

Anything else?

What other lengths did we spot on the red carpet? Any other potential trends?

As Eric pointed out with his favorite hairstyle (on Amy Adams), there were several chic updos, like that of Sandra Bullock for example. But by far the most popular style was - unsurprisingly - the glossy side-parted waves. Stars who went for this style included Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and Margot Robbie.

If there was one trend we'd have to highlight as a potential style for next season, it would be the crop. As Eric said, it was seen on the red carpet by three different generations, which means only one thing: it's timeless!

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