<span>Cobie Smulders attends the Haney Pret-A-Couture launch hosted by Net-A-Porter on January 30, 2014 in West Hollywood, California</span>

Hairstyle tutorial: Cobie Smulders' braided updo

If you're a regular Get the Look reader, then you know we're huge fans of Cobie Smulders and her gorgeous red carpet looks. Get the braided updo she wore to a launch event hosted by Net-A-Porter and Haney Pret-A-Couture on January 30, 2014!

A little romance

Cobie loves to try out new looks on the red carpet and has essentially become the poster girl for mid-length hair, showing us all just how versatile it really is! Mid-length hair doesn't require as much care as really long hair, and it's a bit more flexible than a cropped cut, so if you're someone who likes having the best of both worlds, then this is the length for you!

Cobie walked the black carpet at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, California, with a soft, romantic updo we just had to copy. This look is perfect for a special event or evening out (it is almost Valentine's Day...), but you could also sport this hairstyle as a way of dressing up a casual look - it's up to you!

Get the look

Step one: Starting with dry hair, use the end of a comb to create a side part. On the side with the most hair, separate a 4" section at the front, all the way along the hairline, until you reach the neck. Leave the front part down and secure the rest with an alligator clip.

Step two: Using the hair at the front, create a loose French braid. When you reach the neckline use an elastic to hold the hair in place.

Step three: Let the rest of the hair loose. On the other side of the part, grab 1" sections of hair and twist them around one another all the way back, securing with bobby pins along the way.

Step four: When you reach the French braided section, combine all of the hair (included the section you secured) into a ponytail. Then, twist the hair and wrap it around the ponytail so that it becomes a messy bun. Use bobby pins to hold the ends of the hair in place.

Step five: Spray the hair all over with hairspray so that it stays in place. You're done!

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