Teresa Palmer at The Choice special screening held in Los Angeles, CA on February 1, 2016

Hairstyle tutorial: copy Teresa Palmer's waterfall ponytail!

On Monday, February 1, a special screening of The Choice was held in Hollywood, California, with the film's leading lady, Teresa Palmer, in attendance! The Australian actress dazzled in a bead-embellished burgundy gown by Prada, which she paired with luminous makeup and an elaborate knotted ponytail that we just couldn't wait to recreate!

About the look

From the front, Teresa's hairstyle looks sleek and serious, but once she turns it's transformed: the mixed textures, long length, tiered sections and knots work together to create a truly romantic hairstyle! Want to get the look? Just follow our simply tutorial...

Step one

Starting with dry hair, spritz the ends generously with a mattifying texture spray. Then, use a tail comb to section off the top tier, working from just above the ears to the back of the head. Use your comb to slick the hair back and smoothly as possible and then secure it with a clear hair tie. Make sure there isn't a hair out of place by misting the top with shine-enhancing hairspray and then using your palms to smooth down flyaways.

Step two

Now, use your comb to section off the second tier, starting at the beginning of your last section and working across the back until you have a triangle shape. Split the hair in two and wrap it around your ponytail so that it's in the front. Tie the hair like you would your shoestrings to create a knot and then put the hair in a small elastic, but without pulling the hair all the way through so there's a small bubble.

Step three

For the third tier, join the remaining hair with your ponytail and repeat the knotting technique. Join the ends about 6 inches below and secure with an elastic, then pull the hair slightly on each side to make it look more voluminous. Finish with hairspray and you're all set!

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