Jennifer Lopez performs on stage, June 4, 2014

Hairstyle tutorial: Jennifer Lopez' half-up high ponytail

There's - almost - nothing more important than swishable hair when performing onstage, as J-Lo , upon her return to the Bronx for a concert, clearly knows. The singer/actress went for this super high half-up ponytail, which a) made for some impressive swishing and b) was a practical (out of the eyes) decision.

If you're planning on going on tour soon, and need some on-stage style inspiration, or even if you're just interested in copying Jenny from the Block's hairstyle, here's the tutorial you need!

Riding High

If you think that high ponytails scream NINETIES, you'd be right. But listen, the 90s are back! So it's only appropriate that we use J-Lo, a true 90s superstar, as a basis for our high rise ponytail tutorial...

Step one.

Use a curling iron to give your hair loose curls. Break these up even further by running your fingers through and shaking your head like a diva. Don't forget heat protectant before you reach for those irons.

Step two.

Take the front section of your hair and separate it from the rest, making sure not to miss the bits above the ears. Use a paddle brush if your hair is a bit unruly!

Step three.

Use a comb to smooth the hair on the top of your head, then tie the section from step two in a high ponytail with a thin hair elastic that matches your natural hair color as close as possible.

Step four.

Apply hairspray and scrunch the ends of the hair in your palms for a messy curl like J-Lo.

Step back, and swish (see top right photo for inspiration)!

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