<span>Actress Jennifer Morrison arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere <em>Wish I Was Here</em> on June 23, 2014 in Hollywood, California</span>

Hairstyle tutorial: Jennifer Morrison's braided bun

On June 23, actress Jennifer Morrison attended the Los Angeles premiere of Wish I Was Here in Hollywood, California. The Once Upon a Time star looked fantastic in an on-trend monochrome pant suit and platform heels. Her beauty look was natural and dewy (nice to see you putting that highlighter to good use, Jenn!), with a subtle cat eye and long lashes drawing attention to her eyes.

As usual, Jennifer was sporting a pretty stunning hairstyle! Her sunkissed blonde locks were styled into a braided bun that was equal parts romantic and sophisticated. It's a look that works both day and night, for any occasion, so you could easily wear it at the office or on the beach! So, want to try it?

Get the Look

Step one: Braided styles work best on hair that's been washed the previous day, as your hair's natural oils offer a bit of extra texture and grit (it's a good thing, trust us!)

Starting with dry hair, use a tail comb to separate a large section of hair on one side - to do this, create a deep side part and then change the position of the comb to create a vertical part about 2" behind your ear. Keep this section loose and secure the rest of your hair with a hair tie or clip.

Step two: Use the tail comb again to create three smaller vertical sections of hair from the section you left loose. French braid each section in an upward motion. When you reach the part, simply continue braiding the ends and then secure each one with a small hair tie.

Step three: Let the rest of your hair loose. Now, gather all of the hair (including your braids) into a large ponytail at the top of your head. Holding the ends, twist the hair around and then down into a bun. If the braids are too concealed, use your fingers to bring them forward a bit.

Step four: Use bobby pins to secure the hair where needed. Spray the style all over with hairspray to keep it in place. There you go!

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