Hairstyle tutorial: learn how to backcomb for healthy XXL hair!

Backcombing /teasing wrecks havoc on your hair, right? Well, not necessarily. Watch this video with L'Oréal Paris' hair stylist Johnny Lavoy and get top tips on how to get great volume with minimum damage!


Use a tail comb , or if you want to avoid breaking your hair as much as possible, use a paddle brush. Taking small sections of hair, hold the comb or brush from about three inches from the root and push down. Three strokes are usually enough to create the volume you're after.

Don't use hairspray after backcombing. Instead, after washing your hair, use a golf-ball sized amount of volumizing mousse and scrunch through the hair. If you really want some serious hold, use a gel spray when the hair is still wet. And definitely don't backcomb your hair until it is completely dry, because hair is much weaker when wet. If you can, try and avoid using heated appliances - or at least as much as possible - which really dry out your hair


It's the end of the night. How do I "undo" my backcombed/teased hair?

Use the tip of your paddle brush, go in with the first few bristles and take out the teased sections little by little, starting with the ends and working up. Going in with the whole brush will only cause more tangles and knots, leading to matted hair.

Once you've got the tangles out, the best thing to do is apply a conditioning masque the next time you wash your hair. This will replenish lost moisture and provide strength to weakened follicles.

Backcombing isn't a style you should do all the time, but during the party season it can look super festive - especially with an on-trend makeup look !

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