Kate Hudson with a chic messy bun

Hairstyles for a job interview: celebrity inspiration

Yet again we are looking to the stars for some very important inspiration: How to wear our hair for that all-important job interview?

Because it's likely we'll be nervous, or late, or sweaty... it's best to consider hairstyles that keep strands away from our flushed faces. So, with the help of dream team Kate Hudson, Poppy Delevingne, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Dockery, we have four options for a polished and professional look, whatever your hair length or career aspirations.

Friendly faced Kate

What says "You need to hire me" better than a carefully-crafted messy bun like this one on Kate Hudson? This way you're showing that you take time and care over your appearance, but don't look like you try too hard. It looks approachable yet stylish: the perfect look to go for if you want to stress those interpersonal skills, and/or your cheekbones.

Hire-me Heidi

Play on everyone's subconscious love of goatherder girl Hedi, and go for a braided crown look like Poppy Delevingne. With two braided pigtails underneath your ears, twist them over the top of your head and pin securely at the crown. Make sure they really are pinned in place, because you don't want to find yourself half Heidi, half pre-school pigtails during the interview.

Ride the pony of success

If in doubt, or if you're having a bad hair day - which, statistically, will happen on either a) date night or b) interview day) - go for a sleek pony like Gwyneth Paltrow here. This is also a good idea if you're not entirely sure what the company is like (relaxed, strict, trendy, old-school) because you can quickly brush in some well-behaved shine, or backcomb some on-trend volume depending on the circumstances.

Keep it short

Be nice: smile, answer questions, ask some... but don't go on too long. Apply this strategy to your hair, like Michelle Dockery, and keep things short and sweet. A few cute curls will make you memorable (along will your killer resumé) and you can use that saved styling time for interview preparation or choosing your lip shade; another Very Important decision.

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