Nina's dramatic twisty updo!

Happy Birthday Nina Dobrev! Get her People's Choice Awards updo

Get your party hat on, it's Nina Dobrev 's 25th birthday!

The Torontonian certainly has a lot to celebrate this year- she and co-star/ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder won the award for "Best Onscreen Chemistry" at the 2014 People's Choice Awards on January 8. Though the pair broke up last year, Ian proved they've got it offscreen as well, as he planted a wet one on Nina's cheek! Uh, we'll take one of those over here, too, Ian! If you don't mind...

Of course, it'd be hard to ignore how stunning Nina looked at the event. She wore a form-fitting black, long-sleeved dress with bead embellishments on one side. She played up her big brown eyes and long lashes with a charcoal smoky eye and kept her make-up on trend with a nude lip. It was Nina's twisted faux-hawk hairstyle, however, that we couldn't wait to recreate! Wondering how to get the look?

Do the twist

Step one: Apply curling mousse evenly throughout your hair to give it some texture. Also spritz a heat protectant throughout.

Step two: Dry your hair using the diffuser setting and scrunch the hair up with your fingers as you go.

Step three: Starting at the sides, begin separating 1-1.5" sections of hair and twisting them toward the back. Then, use your fingers to twist them into a little miniature bun and use a bobby pin or two to secure it. Continue doing this, working from the nape of the neck up toward the front in a row.

Step four: Grab the hair at the front and begin twisting it halfway. When you go to pin it down at the front, push the hair forward to create a pomp, or quiff, at the front. Then, begin to work from the front, twisting into the hair into small buns and securing.

Step five: Once you've got a faux hawk of twisted sections of hair, spray the hair all over with some strong-hold hairspray.

There ya go!

As for getting a smooch from Ian Somerhalder? That we can't help you with...

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