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Highlighter 101: an application guide

Highlighter is one of those legendary beauty products women know they should use, but don't exactly know how to use it. If you're hoping to give your skin a radiance boost and emphasize certain features (or, in some cases, even change their appearance), then highlighter is a must-have in your beauty tool kit!

Highlighter 101

A good highlighter is one that's not glittery, but rather one that contains tiny flecks of shimmer within to give the skin a pearlescent, dewy glow. When applied, the product draws light to certain areas of the face, creating a contoured effect (bringing out light and shadows on your face). Highlighter is also great for changing the appearance of certain features, for example, making the nose appear straighter or the lips appear bigger. Sounds too good to be true, no?

The first step in using highlighter is choosing which type you want to use (just like eyeshadow): powder, cream, or liquid. Most professionals recommend using cream highlighter as it's easy to buff into the skin and won't move over the course of the day. Liquid is a great option as well, but a bit more difficult to work with than cream. Powder is best when used to emphasize a cream or liquid highlighter.

Where to apply

Eyes: Applying a tiny dab of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes will open up the eye area and can help you look more awake.

Cheeks and temples: Use your fingertips to apply highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, up toward the temple (about an inch from the other corner of the eye), and then along the brow bone (stopping mid-way).

Nose and forehead: Apply a thin strip of highlighter in the center of the nose, from between the eyes to the tip of the nose. Then, apply a dab of product between your brows and fan it out on your forehead into a seashell shape.

Mouth: Using highlighter on the cupid's bow and top of the chin is a great way to make your pout appear larger!

There you go, now get ready to glow!

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