Cristin Milioti- 3 ways to style your bangs!

How I Met Your Mother ends... time to try a fringe?

After 9 seasons, How I Met Your Mother has come to its conclusion, with Ted Mosby getting his happy ending after all... just not with the woman we expected! Don't see the connection between the series finale and cutting in a fringe? Let us explain...

A fond farewell to HIMYM...

The cast of How I Met Your Mother has been making the rounds lately to celebrate the series' long run and say goodbye to fans. On March 26, Cristin Milioti (aka The Mother) appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and we instantly fell in love with her perfect bangs and ultra-smooth hairstyle. Of course, we then remembered that Cristin didn't appear to have any bangs when she attended PaleyFest 2014... and thus, the fringe investigation began!

... hello, bangs!

As it turns out, Cristin has been rocking bangs for quite some time, and they must be the most versatile bangs ever because she manages to make them look like a new hairstyle every time! Whether styled to lie straight across her forehead, sideswept, or totally concealed, the actress' fringe looks effortless and easy. So if you've got a fringe (or are considering cutting one in), Cristin's is just about the only inspiration you'll ever need!

Classic cut: Cristin's bangs are cut to end just above her eyes with longer sections on the side that graduate seamlessly into the rest of her hair. To get the same, blow dry your fringe using a paddle brush (avoid a round brush or you risk having a case of bubble bangs!) and use a serum to smooth them out.

Camouflaged: At PaleyFest 2014, Cristin's fringe was barely visible! Get the best of both worlds by cutting your fringe long enough that you can style it to the side and conceal it. To do this, simply use a comb to create a side part and blow dry the fringe with a round brush so that it lays across the top of the head, not the forehead!

Sideswept: For the Academy Awards, Cristin wore a vintage-inspired updo with piecey sideswept bangs. To get the look, do use a round brush and blow dry your bangs so they're slightly curled. Grab sections to lie sideways across your forehead at an angle, and smooth the rest back on the sides.

Options, options, options!

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