Ashanti visits 106 & Park at BET studio on February 11, 2014

How to apply bold lipstick like Ashanti: makeup tutorial

Ashanti knows how to give more than a hint of attitude through her style and makeup, and her visit to 106 & Park - where she played the world premiere of her song I Got It! - was no exception. I Got It is a single from her long-awaited upcoming album Braveheart. Due March 4, Braveheart also includes collaborations with French Montana, Jeremih, and Beenie Man. We can't wait!

But let's focus on that sultry attitude and "What you looking at?" look that she was working for the cameras during her visit...

We couldn't help staring at her dark rasberry lip color (or "tyrian purple", to be specific). So, as beauty experts, we decided that her perfect pout deserved a tutorial - because it's not as easy as it looks to apply a long-lasting bold lip.

Let's get Lippy

Step one

This whole tutorial is useless if you don't scrub and moisturize your lips first. Use an old soft toothbrush if you don't have a lip scrub, and gently remove the dead skin. Then apply a moisturizing balm, and wait for it to be absorbed.

While you're waiting for the balm to sink in, apply your foundation as you would normally, making sure that the contours around your mouth are well covered. This will provide a dry, matte base to your skin, and prevent the lip color from 'bleeding' out.

Step two

Many celebrities choose to change the natural shape of their mouths (for a prettier pout) and "create" new contours with a lipstrick brush. But, be careful, you really do need to be subtle if you're going to try this technique.

Choose your lip color (making sure it compliments your skin tone) and feather your lipstick brush over the top until it is covered in product. Apply the color evenly, painting your lips just like a piece of art!

Step three

To make your lips looks even plumper, take a lip liner only slightly darker than your lip color, making sure it glides onto the skin smoothly, and trace the outline of your lips very carefully. If you need to, blend the liner and the lipstick using your lip brush.

Step four

Blot your lips gently with blotting tissue, then apply a gloss or lip stain over the top to seal in your color. Wait to dry, and you're ready for the cameras to start rolling!

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