Eyeliner technique for monolid eyes

How to choose the best eyeliner technique for your eye shape: which one is right for you?

by Paige Exell -

First there was the cat eye – the classic flick that everyone masters at one point or another. Then, Spring 2016 rolled around and things got a little more complicated when the classic flick just wouldn't cut it. At Cushnie et Ochs and BCBG Max Azria, carbon smears were meticulously placed along delicate water lines, giving models a look that screams '90s grunge. Dramatic eyeliner saw no signs of being smeared away at Fendi, where models sported a technique that strayed away from the lids all together, creating a negative space approach to eyeliner. So, the question is: should liner be drawn across our water lines? Carelessly smeared atop our eyelids, or not on our eyelids at all?


Fortunately, there is no right or wrong way to apply eyeliner, just like there isn't a shape that is going to make you look bad. And while we're all about experimentation, it's true that certain eyeliner techniques can accentuate your best features and bring symmetry to different eye shapes.

Find out which eyeliner technique is best for you!


Good news, girls with almond shaped eyes! Due to the visible lash line and classic shape of your eye, you can pretty much try out any eyeliner technique you want – although a classic cat-eye particularly stands out. Follow the natural curve of your eye by drawing a line along your upper lash line, then building up thickness as you reach the outer corners. To play up your almond shape, add a slight wing to the end corners of your eye.


Monolid eyes tend to be small, so to enhance the shape and make them appear bigger, create a wide, saturated and bold line that sits just above the mono/mobile lid. If you're feeling a little daring, opt for colourful hues that will play up this simple technique.


Round eyes are typically equated with their cute and innocent appeal. They're described as looking child-like and inexperienced – it's almost enough to make you roll your wide-eyes! For those with this shape, it's about elongating the eyes into a more exotic shape, and adding edge while keeping emphasis on the doe-eyed look. Opt for a blended or smokey liner on the upper and lower lash line to give weight to the center of the eye, creating more of an almond shape.

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