Get Chrissy's ponytail with our easy tutorial

How to get Chrissy Teigen's Golden Globes ponytail

by Hannah Ikin -

Just when we were beginning to experience some serious Chrissy Teigen withdrawal symptoms, we caught sight of our beloved supermodel at the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards on January 11 in California. Appearing on the red carpet with her husband John Legend, the model was a vision in sequins and lace. To match her pretty pale pink dress, Chrissy teased her honey hued locks into a low-key high ponytail. The result? An effortlessly glamorous look that was perfect for the red carpet. Obviously, we had to create a tutorial immediately- check it out below!

The prettiest of ponytails

The humble ponytail tends to get pigeonholed as a casual style but, as Chrissy proved last night, it can totally hold its own in a red carpet scenario, as long as it's paired with a glamorous outfit! Stealing the look couldn't be easier- just follow the simple steps below!

Step one

Starting with damp hair, work a wave creating spray throughout your locks.

Step two

Use a comb to gently sweep your hair back into a loose, high ponytail and fix in place with a hair elastic.

Step three

Spritz the lengths of your tresses with texture spray, then twist random medium sized sections for the ultimate tousled look.

Step four

Use a comb or your fingertips to pull a few wisps of hair loose around the front to create a soft, romantic finish.

Step five

Finish with a generous misting of strong hold hairspray to keep your glamorous new style in place.

Now, go and enjoy your red carpet worthy hairstyle!

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