Abigail Spencer

How to get voluminous, defined eyelashes like Abigail Spencer

When we saw Abigail Spencer, the American actress who currently stars in Rectify, at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association dinner on August 14, we immediately noticed her super long and full lashes (makeup-obsessed? Us?!) and immediately set about researching how to make our lashes look the longest and most voluminous, without reaching for any falsies. Here's what we discovered...

Full, long lashes - Top Tips

Preparing your lashes:

As well as using a good eye cream to care for the delicate skin around your eye area, you also need to take care of your lashes. Did you know that coconut oil is somewhat of a miracle product? It's ideal for applying before sleep, and the next day you'll have softer, healthier lashes!

To get more curl out of your lashes, use an eyelash curler, but be gentle. You only need to clamp the lashes down for about ten seconds to get a good curve. Once your lashes are curled and ready, use an eyelash comb to separate the individual lashes, for a really wide-eyed look when you apply your mascara.

Mascara tricks:

When choosing mascara, decide what effect you're after. If volume is your goal, apply a volumizing mascara in zig-zagging movements right from the root of the lashes. Apply two or three coats for maximum effect. If you don't mind clumping, keep applying - just make sure the mascara hasn't dried. For long, feathery lashes, use a lash-defining mascara and use the wand to comb the product up and through the lashes.

For a babydoll/bambi look, hold the mascara wand in a vertical position and apply to the lower lashes, focusing on the outer eyelashes.

Watch out, Abigail, we've got our eye(s) on you!

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