Actress Jill Hennessy's stuning red lipstick

How to put on lipstick perfectly: Jill Hennessy

At the Mario Batali Foundation Honors Dinner, Jill Hennessy showed why correctly putting on lipstick is so important.

Not only did Jill choose exactly the right shade to suit her hair and skin tone, but she clearly understood the importance of the application method...

Get the look

Step 1 To start with perfectly smooth lips, buff them gently with a toothbrush head or lip scrub to remove any dead skin.

Step 2 Using a lipliner the same color as your lipstick (unless you're chanelling the Nineties...) draw around the contours of your lips, making sure the lines are perfectly even.

Step 3 With a lipstick brush, apply the color to the corners of your top and bottom lips. Then fill in the rest and press your lips together to evenly distribute the colour.
Blot your lips on tissue paper, and repeat the application if you want a really .

Step 4 If you want some shine to your pout, give your lips a quick slick of gloss after blotting.

Step 5 If you apply your lipstick well, you shouldn't need any touchups... But put a pocket mirror and your lipstick in your handbag just in case. Before going out, check that none of the lipstick has smudged, or made its way onto your teeth...


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