This curly style is the perfect feelgood hairstyle for medium length hair.

How to style mid-length hair: curls curls curls

by Hannah Ikin -

We're big fans of hairstyles that work for formal occasions such a job interviews and weddings , but sometimes it's fun to shake things up a bit. There's nothing like a feel-good hairstyle to lighten your mood: Let your hair cheer you up because we've got just the style for mid-length hair...

Bird's nest chic?

This hairstyle is great because it doesn't take itself too seriously. The main ingredient for this style? Curls ! Cascades of them tumbling down from a great hight. Volume is key here so think big (you can take that as life advice in general as well FYI). Curls are sexy, natural and full of life.

Get the look

You'll need hair of at least medium length (we're good, but even we can't help you get this style if you've got a pixie crop).

Step 1 Apply some curling mousse to your wet hair after washing it.

Step 2 Scrunch dry slightling with a towel. If you have the time, leave to dry naturally, if not then use the diffuser setting on your hairdryer to get those curls.

Step 3 Things should be looking curly by now but if your hair is straight and stubborn then use large curling tongs to create big curls.

Step 4 Looking curly? Good! Now gently backcomb your curls to get some serious volume.

Step 5 Twist sections of hair, pile them up on top of your head and pin in place with a mini hairclip.

Step 6 Pull some curls loose to soften the style and spritz with spray.

Happy hair at your fingertips!