How to use the Colour Riche Lip Palette for plumped up lips

How to use the Colour Riche Lip Palette for plumped up lips

by Paige Exell -

This season, it's all about faking big, natural-looking lips without any harsh lines, and now, thanks to L'Oreal's latest innovation in lip colour, natural, plumped up lips are easier than ever to achieve. Introducing the Colour Riche Lip Palette, L'Oreal's first artist-inspired palette that comes in 5 iconic ultra-rich shades of nude and red that can be worn alone or layered for infinite variations. The palette includes a professional designer lip brush and a mirror for quick touch ups while on-the-go, and comes in two different palettes: red or nude. What better way to keep all of your favourite shades together in one compact?

Since meticulously plumped-up, yet natural-looking lips have been the look of choice since celebrities like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan jumped on the look, applying lip gloss, liner, and lipstick has become more complicated than ever. It's all about faking the look, without giving away the appearance of visible lines. Now, what's another word for faking a shape with the help of makeup? You guessed it: contouring!

While there are many different ways to apply lip colour, lip contouring is the best way to achieve voluminous lips and a supermodel-approved pout. The lip contouring technique isn't just a matter of colouring outside the lines, it's about boosting the shape within your mouth to increase the shape of your lips without looking line a clown. So, how do contour lips using L'Oreal's Colour Riche Lip Palette? Get The Look is here to show you how it's done!


Contouring is a popular technique that uses different shades of the same colour to create your desired look, enhance your natural features, or hide any imperfections you may have. There are two easy ways to go about contouring your lips for two different effects: outlining or drawing lines within the lips.


To create the effect of a large, pouty lips, the best way to apply lip colour is by contouring within the surface area. To start, choose the lip colour that you would like to cover the majority of your lips. Then, choose another shade in the same palette that is two shades darker than your chosen colour, and draw an "m" shape along the top of your lip using an angled brush. Continue by drawing another "m" in the center of your bottom lip, and a sideways "v" on the outer corners of your mouth.

Next, using the lighter shade you've chosen, colour in the surface of your lips. Using your fingers, tap the lightest shade in the palette onto your Cupid's bow and sweep some bronzer beneath your lower lip. The shadow underneath your lip and the brightness on your Cupid's bow will give the illusion of fuller lips, while the "m" shape on your lower lip will give the illusion of a pretty pout.


To create lips that are plump-all-over, you're going to want to outline your lips entirely. This is a technique that old Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe used to create her iconic red lips. To start, choose two lip colours in the palette – one of the shades being one shade darker than the other.

Trace the edges of your lips with the darker shade and an angled brush, then smudge the lines a bit with your fingers to soften, reducing the appearance of harsh lines. Next, apply the second, lighter lip colour to the surface of your lips. Fill in the middle of your bottom lip with a colour one shade lighter than the lipstick you used to cover the surface, so that it looks like a spotlight on your bottom lip. Blend with your finger to soften the look, giving it a more natural appearance.


If you're in a rush and would rather stick to one lip colour, that's great, too! Simply choose your favourite colour from the Colour Riche Lip Palette, sweep it onto your lips using the application brush, smudge your lips together, and voila! A two-step make-over!


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