Get back to basics and work the denim trend this winter.

How to wear denim this season

by Hannah Ikin -

Where would we be without denim? We'd probably look a lot less stylish and feel a lot less comfortable, that's for sure! The good news is, that this well loved, well worn fabric is making a catwalk comeback, so we can wear it all winter long, safe in the knowledge that we're officially on-trend!

How to wear it

Dress it down

We associate denim with dressing down, so embrace that by pairing your jeans or jacket with basic items like solid colored T-shirts, cozy cardigans or slouchy hats.

Seeing double

Get your double denim on. The ultimate in casual cool, this is a staple weekend look. Not only that, but you'll be super comfortable.

Dress it up!

Just because it's traditionally a casual fabric doesn't mean that you can't dress denim up! Play with conventional fashion by pairing your jeans with a dressy, sequin top or a smart blazer jacket for the ultimate party-friendly look!

Go tomboy chic

This season, the androgynous trend is big news so why not embrace your inner tomboy with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Top tip: Wear them with a more fitted, tailored top or jacket to avoid getting swamped by your outfit.

Layer it up!

Not ready to abandon your summer wardrobe just yet? If so, then denim is your best friend! Wearing a light jean chambray shirt or some jeggings underneath your tunics or dresses will help you extend their lifetime way into the winter months, as will throwing a classic denim jacket over the top.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your weekend early by getting your denim on!

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