Hugh Jackman was spotted with his eternally fantastic-looking hair on his way to the San Sebastian Film Festival on 26 September 2013.

Hugh Jackman at San Sebastian Film Festival: Sexiest celebrity hair?

by Kathy Saunders -

Hugh Jackman is one of those ridiculously hot men who just look like a movie star all the time. Take his arrival at the San Sebastian Film Festival, for example. The Wolverine star just rocked up to the hotel with his jacket slung over his shoulder and a thumbs up for his fans, as you do...

Not only that, with the combined impact of his skinny tie and undeniably gorgeous hair (why is he married again?), he might just warrant the title of sexiest man in Hollywood, even if he is Australian.

He was in Spain to promote his latest film, Prisoners, and to pick up a Lifetime Achievement award.

Now, back to that hair.

For any guys out there with a job interview, a hot date, a party or just about any other occasion on the horizon, THIS should be your go-to "neat and tidy" hairstyle because it's sexy, practical and quite respectable all at the same time.

To recreate it...

You'll be pleased to know that a little bit of styling putty and a couple of minutes in front of a mirror is all you need.

Simply warm a little putty in your hands before running it through all of your hair, pushing it up a little at the sides and adding extra volume by lifting hair up with your fingers on top.

Now, we're not saying this will transform you into some kind of Hugh Jackman-like specimen... but it can't hurt, right?

If not, there's always the hairstyle sported by Patrick Dempsey.

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