Inside Cannes video: L'Oreal Paris ambassadors, behind-the-scenes

On day five of Inside Cannes, we join L'Oreal Paris ambassadors Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, Leïla Bekhti, and Judit Masco as they prepare for their red carpet appearance at the premiere of The Homesman on May 18.

L'Oreal Paris takes us behind-the-scenes at Cannes 2014, through a day of exclusive photo shoots, interviews, and a lot of glamour! Let's see what our ambassadors are up to...

Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives star begins her day with a special photoshoot. On her busy schedule at Cannes, the actress had this to say:

"It never feels like a holiday when I'm at Cannes because we work so much! I always say this is the only time I see the beach, is when I'm on this terrace. A typical day is waking up very early and going into hair and makeup, doing interviews, then we usually have a commercial shoot, and then we have to get ready for the red carpet at night, and then we usually have to leave and do press after the red carpet. It's like a never-ending cycle of events and interviews!"

Freida Pinto

When we meet up with Freida Pinto, she talks inspiration for her evening ensemble. The actress worked with makeup artist Karim Rahman for a truly royal look, pairing a bold beauty look featuring Sophia Loren-inspired brows with a coral and gold Oscar de la Renta dress that was fit for a princess!

Leïla Bekhti

The French actress is all set to appear on the red carpet, but in the Martinez Hotel corridor, she confesses that she's got a case of the jitters! "I'm not gonna be scared! It's all right. I've already done it! But here I am: stress kicking in."

The ladies meet up with Spanish model Judit Masco and Bollywood superstar Sonam Kapoor for a few quick photos before hopping into their town cars and setting off for the premiere. What a day!

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