Interview: chatting with Men Expert ambassador Lewis Hamilton

Interview: Men Expert ambassador Lewis Hamilton

Earlier this month, it was announced that racing star Lewis Hamilton had joined the L'Oréal Paris family, joining model Lucky Blue Smith as an ambassador for Men Expert. To get to know Lewis better, the brand sat down with the star to talk about his favorite products, tattoos, and success.

What was your reaction when L'Oréal Men Expert asked you to become a spokesperson?

I thought "what an incredible opportunity; This is a world-class skincare brand with world-class products." I'm proud to be part of the L'Oréal crew. It feels like a natural fit.

Speaking of Men Expert spokes, how do you feel about entering the L'Oréal Paris Men Expert family alongside Lucky Blue Smith and our beautiful #girlsquad?

It's so cool that Lucky Blue Smith is also part of the game! He's a phenomenon in the fashion world. There is a phenomenol roster of women that have represented over the years, all of whom are powerful women who have really made their mark. Plus, being surrounded by beautiful, talented women is obviously a hardship (laughs).

What are your favorite Men Expert products?

That's a hard question... if I had to choose two, I would say the Hydra Energetic shower gel, it gives you that extra-enegetic, almost explosive sensation when you use it. For my skin, my favorite is the Hydra Energetic serum, it's the champion of hydration!

You have lots of tattoos. How many?

I've got 11 now.

Do you have a favorite?

The eagle on my neck. My friends called me eagle eye because I always see the smallest details.

"The More of Me I Be, The Clearer I Can See" What's behind your motto?

Once you begin to know yourself you can begin to understand your potential. The better you know yourself and the further you push yourself you can begin to maximize that potential.

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