Eric Del Monaco talks to us about the hottest new hair trends!

Interview with Eric Del Monaco : fall/winter hair trends with the L'Oréal Paris Canada expert

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What woman hasn't dreamed of finding herself in a hair stylist's chair for a brand new look? Eric Del Monaco, L'Oréal Paris Canada expert, is one of the most talented stylists in the industry, and knows just how to flatter any woman's face using the right cut and color. His main goal is to make sure that each and every woman that walks into his famous Toronto salon leaves feeling more confident then ever.

"A woman's hair is an extention of her personality. It's amazing to see just how a good cut and a new color can influence a woman's mood and boost her self confidence."

Our beauty journalist grabbed a coffee with Eric to chat about the biggest hair trends of Fall/ Winter 2014-2015. Here's what he had to say...

So, Eric, could you tell us about some of this season's most popular haircuts?

Despite the fact that long, straight hairstyles made a comeback on the Fashion Week runways, the shoulder length bob is currently a very popular cut with many women. We're also seeing various dynamic short haircuts, a look which I personally love!

Is there a trend in particular that you would like to see women try?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm seriously addicted to short cuts (laughs)! I think that women should stop being afraid of scissors and dare to try shorter cuts which are really feminine and versatile. I also love the asymmetric hair trend, as well as layered cuts which add movement and body.

What are the hot new hair colors for Fall/Winter 2014-2015?

As is the case every fall, darker colors are very popular. In terms of blond hair, there is also a high demand for a light, beige-toned color. Not only is it simply beautiful, but it also suits the majority of women. Flame red is a flamboyant color which is also big news. Finally, warm and rich brown shades are a great option for those women who want to try out a deeper, darker color this season!

In terms of styling, we've noticed that playing with hair texture (from wet look to disheveled) is a big trend on both the catwalk and the red carpet. What are your top tips for creating texture at home?

The first step towards achieving a good texture is making sure that the hair is well hydrated! For a pretty, "just out of bed" look without frizz, it's important to hydrate your hair from the washing stage. After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a few drops of hair oil to your tips and dry your hair on your hairdyer's lowest setting. For a matte, disheveled finish, I suggest using the Matt & Messy line from Studio Line. Otherwise, precious oils are also useful for creating a glamorous wet look effect.

To finish, if you could choose ONE of L'Oréal Paris' new hair products, which would it be?

Definitely the OleoTherapy haircare range. Infused with a 6 flower oil blend, it rehydrates dry and damaged hair. My advice for women in need of an emergency treatment? When you have the time, apply the Deep Recovery mask after shampoo. Leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing the hair. You won't need to apply revitalizing spray after.

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