Get the Look talks with beauty expert Eddie Malter about Autumn/Winter 2014-15's hottest trends

Interview with L'Oréal Paris beauty expert Eddie Malter

Eddie Malter is one of the few people we'd trust, without hesitation, to get us prepped and primed for a special event. As the expert makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris Canada, he doesn't just come with a fancy job title but with a lot of experience as well, and these days it's with the celebrated French beauty brand that Mr. Malter is doing what he loves: making women feel their most beautiful!

In the restaurant at the hotel Shangri-La in Toronto, our journalist joined the makeup artist for breakfast. The topic of discussion? Makeup, obviously! But more specifically, the best makeup trends of Fall/Winter 2014-15. Between laughs, slices of life chit chat, and beauty confessions, our L'Oreal Paris expert had this to say...

GTL: Among the many beauty looks we see on the runways, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish which are the real trends. In your opinion, what should we be keeping an eye out for this fall/winter?

EM: The focus of attention is definitively on the lips, which are defined using dark or nude shades. We'll also see a lot of mascara on the eyes- with the layers built up to create a false lash effect or a retro look.

GTL: We also see a lot of graphic looks and elaborate eyeliner. What is the secret to creating that perfect, smooth fluid line?

EM: Practice! Cat eyes can be difficult to achieve at first. The best thing to do is try a new makeup look -or a new technique- in the evening, just before makeup removal.

I personally am not a fan of lines that are too defined and thick because I think it highlights the eyelid rather than the look. I suggest women slightly smudge their liner with a brush for a perfectly blurred result that draws the attention to their eyes.

GTL: Genius! Tell me: what is, in your opinion, THE product every woman should have in her makeup bag this season?

EM: If she has to choose just one, I'd say the Extraordinaire by Colour Riche lipstick for a creamy texture in a wide variety of colors.

GTL: Among the newest items from L'Oréal Paris, which is your favorite?

EM: Again, I have to say the Extraordinaire by Colour Riche lipstick. The formula is richly pigmented and ultra-shiny- very gorgeous! It gives a red carpet-worthy look to everyone who wears it. I also particularly like the Visible Lift foundation, which can be worn by women of any age... luminous, light, and very easy to apply.

GTL: Finally, as a makeup artist, there must be a look you particularly enjoy creating lately?

EM: Yes! I am currently very interested in the nude look that's been on-trend for a few seasons now. I love natural makeup that simply enhances the beauty of women. I think this is a trend that's here to stay and I greatly support that!

Thanks, Eddie!

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