Ivy Levan at the Lollapalooza afterparty, August 1 2014

Ivy Levan: sideswept platinum blonde waves

The sultry pop/blues singer was invited to perform at the Lollapalooza festival afterparty, and Ivy Levan certainly kept the music going in a racy ensemble, featuring her signature platinum blonde bombshell hair.

Platinum & pretty

When it comes to hairstyles, Ivy has never been a wallflower- she'll try anything! This sidewept wavy look is one of Ivy's more demure looks, but that's also why we love it. Platinum is a very striking color to wear, and here's a style that keeps the look relaxed. For those of you thinking about taking the plunge and going platinum, Ivy's style shows a more 'casual' option of how to wear the color: in pretty sideswept waves.

Platinum haircare

Blonde is a color that dries out your hair, and platinum is the worst of all the shades. If you're going platinum for the first time, we recommend booking a visit with your stylist beforehand. S/he will assess the quality of your hair and be able to say whether or not it's a good idea.

Our top tips for platinum hair...

Washing: Don't wash your hair every day, because this will strip your hair follicles of natural oils and weaken them.

Haircare: Always use a strengthening and repairing shampoo & conditioner, and once a week you should treat your hair to a moisturizing mask. Before blowdrying or styling, apply a serum.

Split ends: Avoid those flyaways and dry, split ends by regularly making a visit to your stylist. To prevent hair from drying out, try to stay out of the sun during peak hours.

More platinum blonde looks right this way!

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