Jane Levy switches up her hair: check out the before and after!

Jane Levy: before and after!

Actress Jane Levy has decided to switch things up for summer- with a new hair color! The natural blonde might have risen to fame as the fiery-haired Tessa Altman on Suburgatory, but she's recently gone back to her roots with honey-hued locks! Is it an improvement? Let's take a closer look...

Red hot vs. Blonde babe

You might know Jane best as the sassy, red-haired starlet from Suburgatory. There's no doubt her red hair suited her- the color perfectly complemented her pale skin and made those baby blue eyes really pop.

On August 6, Jane debuted her new blonde hair color, opting for an on-trend shade that ever-so-slightly leads toward brown. The lighter shade contrasts less with Jane's natural paleness and is extremely appropriate for any California girl!

Jane's take?

In an interview with Allure magazine, Jane had this to say:

"I'm a blonde. For my first job, Shameless, they dyed my hair dark. Afterward, I wanted to go back to blonde, so I just started coloring it in stages, and it turned out red. I auditioned for Suburgatory and they loved the red hair, so it stuck," Jane shared.

She added, "The upkeep sucks, I have to admit. I go to the salon once a month. I sort of wish I never did it, but I do like the color."

Get the Look

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So, which of Jane's looks do you like better? Let us know by voting above!

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