Jennifer Morrison arrives at the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Celebration on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Jennifer Morrison at Comic-Con 2015: her romantic faux-braid

Comic-Con 2015 flew by, bringing some of our favorite television and film stars to the red carpet in serious style! Among them, Once Upon a Time actress Jennifer Morrison, who looked picture perfect at the star-studded Entertainment Weekly celebration on July 11!

Modern elegance

The actress turned heads in a glamorous black and silver floral-motif dress with classic black pumps and simple accessories. She brought her look together with natural makeup and, in true Jennifer fashion, a seriously stellar hairstyle!

Jennifer's faux-braid

At first, we thought Ms. Morrison was rocking yet another one of her favorite braids (the fishtail), but upon closer inspection, we realized the star's hair wasn't actually braided at all! To create the look, Jennifer's stylist wrapped sections of hair around a side-ponytail to create this soft, romantic hairstyle. All the drama of a braid without the fuss!

Get the Look

Step one

Starting with dry hair, spritz throughout with a texture spray to give the hair extra hold. Then, use a tail comb to create a center part.

Step two

Grab a section of hair from the front right side and sweep it back, pinning it discretely just behind your right ear. Sweep the rest of the hair from the right side toward the left. Recreate the same "sweep" of hair on the left side.

Step three

Secure all of your hair into a side ponytail on the left with a clear hair tie. Using a medium-barrel curling iron, curl your ponytail.

Step four

Separate one small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it. Then, separate another small section and begin loosely wrapping it around the ponytail. Continue adding hair as you move your way down toward the end, securing with bobby pins as you go.

Step five

Once you've reached the bottom, secure the end with a hair elastic and use another small section of hair to conceal that as well. Mist your hairstyle with strong hold spray to set it in place and you're all set!

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