Jennifer Morrison at the 2014 Comic Con

Jennifer Morrison's braided crown at Comic-Con

Dear Jennifer, we have a suspicion that braids might just be your favorite hairstyle. We would like to say thank you for this pretty braided crown you wore to Comic-Con on July 26, because it has inspired us to write a tutorial! It's a fun yet classy way to style your hair, especially if you're looking for an alterative to a regular updo. It's also pretty simple to do: the only tricky bit is braiding the back.

Get the Look

You will need

- very long hair, paddle brush, volumizing mousse, an elastic, bobby pins, hairspray.

Step one

After washing, apply a volumizing mousse then blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush.

Step two

Separate dry hair into two sections. Choose one section and French braid, starting at the back and working upwards, past the ear and over the head.

Step three

Keep braiding over your head, incorporating the second section of hair when you get round to the other side. When you run out of hair, secure with an elastic and pin the end underneath the braid.

Stylist's tip: In Jennifer's case, her hair was long enough to go all the way around and back up to the top of the head again, creating the impression of a double braid. You'll probably need extensions for this.

Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray and, if you want to channel the carefree vibe, use a tail comb to gently tease a few strands loose here and there. Alternatively, if you're after a super sleek braid, use a smoothing cream before you blow dry (although you should be aware it's trickier to braid with silky hair.)

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