<span>Actress Kaley Cuoco attends the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration on November 21 in Santa Monica, California. </span>

Kaley Cuoco: copy her cute tousled short bob hairstyle!

by Samantha Hunt -

Thursday, November 26, saw The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco host the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration in California, bringing an array of dog-loving, A-list celebrities to the stage for the event! The show was designed to raise awareness for all of the dogs currently needing adoption, and to celebrate the people who spend their time taking care of dogs in need.

The perfect host!

Kaley has been an advocate for the "adopt don't shop" campaign for a while, and therefore couldn't have done a better job in her role as host of the evening! It also helped that the 29-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning, donning a white pantsuit with flared 1970s-inspired legs with a black and cream striped blouse with black heels to match. She then opted for smoky nude-toned eye makeup, a glossy pink lip shade and gentle, tousled curls in her short bob hairstyle!

The short bob

The cut

The bob seems to be taking the celebrity world by storm at the moment, whether its Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence , Karlie Kloss , Freida Pinto or Lily Collins whose rocking a variation of the style!

As for Kaley, she went under the scissors over a year ago now to change her long, blonde curls into an edgy pixie cut, and has just recently regrown her locks to this cute and on-trend length. We love this look on Kaley, especially with her bob's gradual layers throughout providing body and movement for her curly blonde tresses!

Style it right

Mastering Kaley's tousled relaxed curls for your short bob couldn't be easier!

Step 1

Massage a curl mousse into the roots of your freshly-washed hair. If you have natural curls, blowdry your hair upside-down until it is about 60 to 70%, then allow for your hair to dry naturally from there, scrunching your locks periodically with your hands to create shape and volume.

Step 2

If your hair isn't naturally curly, blowdry your hair upside-down until it is completely dry, then spritz with heat protection spray. Use a 1.5" curling iron to create random curls throughout, changing the direction of the curl each time to create a relaxed texture.

Step 3

Give your hair a mist of curl definition spray to really bring out the body of your style, then tease your locks with your fingers to create even more volume if necessary. Fix your look in place with a conditioning hairspray and you are all set!

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