Kaley Cuoco at the QVC 5th Annual Red Carpet Style Event

Kaley Cuoco: tousled beach waves for the red carpet

Beach waves don't just have to be for the beach! Kaley Cuoco (of The Big Bang Theory, which has just been renewed for three more seasons!) shows us how to wear tousled, sun-kissed waves on the red carpet. It all depends on styling and makeup...

Kaley's tousled yet chic hairstyle

Before you reach for the curling iron, you need to decide how to style your beachy waves. Kaley has chosen an elegant center part, with symmetrical waves framing the shape of her face.

When you're styling your hair, keep this in mind: starting by defining your part (messy parts = messy look) and using a tail comb to neaten it.

Beachy waves styling tip: Once you've achieved your waves with the help of a curling iron and heat protecting spray, rub some texturizing fibre paste or putty onto your hands and comb your fingers through the waves to relax them. Salt spray is also another alternative for a real beachy look .

What gives Kaley's look another shot of class are her highlights and lowlights, which bring depth and texture to her hair. If you hair is of one shade only, you won't get the full effect from waves or curls. Imagine this picture of Kaley with a single shade of blonde, and you'll see what we mean.

Having beachy waves isn't an excuse not to take care of your hair. Straggly ends can ruin your quest for red-carpet glamour. Likewise, layers look great with tousled waves, so ask your stylist next time you're at the salon!

Of course, the entire look depends on the makeup. Kaley has chosen a chic but simple beauty look , with a taupe and brown smoky eye, and a glossy light rose lip. By keeping her makeup elegant, she balances out the relaxed beachy waves.

When it comes to hair, anything's possible with the right styling!

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