Kate Bosworth: red or blonde?

Kate Bosworth's new hair color: from blonde to red

It seems like being blonde is no longer on-trend. How can we tell? Because some of our favorite celebrities are jumping ship, and reaching for their brunette and redhead hair dyes. Taking a leaf out of Margot Robbie's book, Kate Bosworth is the most recent celebrity to abandon her blonde roots for a fiery shade of red-orange. But which color do you prefer? Vote here!

Strawberry fields... forever?

But this isn't Kate deciding to change her look for Spring 2014. She was actually required to dye her hair for her role in Still Alice, a movie about a psychologist who discovers she's suffering from the early onset of Alzheimer's disease, based on the novel by Lisa Genova. Kate plays Anna, the daughter of Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin's characters. With such a redheaded mom, it makes sense that Kate had to dye her hair!

It looks like Kate's dye job has been slowly happening for a while (which is by far the best way to change hair color). At NY Fashion Week last month, her hair was definitely looking a few shades further towards the strawberry end of the scale. It was an obvious change from her bleach-blonde locks before, but not the same intense red she has now.

However, this isn't the first time that Kate has changed her hair to a red shade. Remember all the way back to 2010, when she was a reddish shade of copper for the movie The Warriors Way? No? Take our word for it, this isn't Kate's first foray into the fiery shade.

We think the red shade looks great on her. The color adds warmth, works well with her pale skin, and looks fab with a pink lip and blush.

So, do you think Kate should stick with this color after the filming is over, or should she go back to her blonde locks?

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