Kate Hudson wore dark lipstick and smoky eye makeup to the Novak Djokovic Foundation London gala dinner held at The Roundhouse in London on 8 July 2013.

Kate Hudson's party makeup at Djokovic gala: Dark lips and smoky eyes for a summer look

by Kathy Saunders -

Kate Hudson is always fairly adept when it comes to choosing a high-impact yet very chic beauty look and it's quite possible that she came up with her best yet at the Novak Djokovic Gala in London recently. Dressed in a particularly dramatic dip-hem dress, she essentially glided up the red carpet before later taking to the stage for a little game of tennis with her mum, Goldie Hawn.

The thing we liked best about Kate's look was the fact it took some fairly dark, mysterious elements and combined them to create a perfectly wearable summer party look. Ok, so that floaty skirt had something to do with it but still.

It turns out that dark lipstick and smoky eyes can not only be worn together, they can also look bright and breezy! This could become our new all-seasons go-to look...

Striking a balance

This isn't the first time we've mentioned this on Celebrity Red Carpet but getting away with a bold beauty look like Kate's is all about keeping things understated to avoid any unplanned trips into the land of Too Much.

So, if you want to make an impact without looking like a vampire or a full-blown New Romantic (which, let's face it, could be a lot of fun if not altogether appropriate) you should apply everything in moderation. Take a minute and really look at Kate Hudson's makeup above, she's a fantastic role model when it comes to being daring but not ridiculous with her red carpet beauty.

How it works

The amount of smoke around her eyes was fairly restrained and that her lipstick was a deep plum shade but still visibly purple, not black. See? Moderation, it works. The idea is to emphasise your best features, look a bit cool and make it more obvious than usual when you're smiling, all of which Kate pulled off in style.

Is this the perfect party makeup or what?

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