Kelly Osbourne at the Black Diamond Affair, October 2013

Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lovato and Ke$ha: color-Fall hair!

Kelly Osbourne , Demi Lovato and Ke$ha are brightening up our screens!

So you thought that Fall was for muted colors...think again. These girls have given the thumbs down to autumnal hair shades, and stuck to their summery pastel palettes .

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is no shrinking violet. When she first chose this shade of violet-gray earlier this year, there was more than one horrified "No way!" whisper. But Kelly's got reason to be smug now: the gray hair trend has really taken off, bringing a smile to grandparents everywhere. Here, her pale violet tresses are plaited in a pretty updo . We salute Kelly for doing her own thing!

Demi Lovato

Blue and green should be this aquamarine shade. Demi's look is a million miles away from the blond sophistication we saw on The X Factor USA a mere month ago. But then again, we've always known that Demi doesn't stick to one color - she was a dark brunette in April: is she reversing the natural order of seasonal shades (light in Winter, dark in Spring...turquoise in Fall)?


My Little Pony pastels! Like Demi, Ke$ha has also gone from blond to blue...and pink in the last few weeks. In this photo from the weekend, we see her with a blue-pink duo pastel dye. With each side of the head a different color, Ke$ha is showing us how to get two shades in one daring do!

If you're not quite brave enough to go pastel-fantastic on your hair, why not follow the trend on your nails ? Any excuse for a manicure !

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