Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland's ombré braided crown at the VMA Awards

The annual VMA awards took place on August 24 and, as was to be expected, we at Get the Look have been spoilt for choice when it comes to inspiring style, beauty and hairstyle looks. Take the glowing Kelly Rowland, for example. The pregnant singer wore a super pretty braided crown that emphazised her ombré locks, and accessorized it with droplet earrings and romantic makeup. If you've been wondering just how exactly a braided crown is constructed, look no further than our tutorial below!

Ombré Braided Crown

You will need: long ombré hair, hair elastic, volumizing mousse, bobby pins, tail comb, hairspray.

Step one

Using a volumizing mousse after washing, and blow dry using a paddle brush.

Step two

Split hair into two sections using your tail comb to create a center part.

Step three

Start braiding one section, starting from the bottom, braiding towards the other section and picking up pieces of this second section when you need. Braid towards the opposite ear, following the natural curve of the head, and keep picking up hair from the other section to fill your braid. Keep your braid nice and tight so that you can loosen it afterwards. Keep braiding, over and across your forehead.

Step four

When you've run out of hair, tie the ends with a small transparent elastic and tuck them under the hair. Secure this in place with bobby pins.

Step five

Use your tail comb to loosen the braid a little, pulling a few flyaways out to create Kelly's relaxed vibe. A spritz of volumizing hairspray will give you hold without flattening the braid.

You're ready to collect your award!

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