<span>Kendall Jenner displays a creation by designer Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Fall-Winter 2015/2016 Haute Couture collection show on July 7.</span>

Kendall Jenner: get her black + cream nail art from the Chanel runway!

by Samantha Hunt -

Yesterday (July 7) saw the hotly anticipated Chanel Fall-Winter Haute Couture collection hit the runway of Paris Fashion Week, and wasn't it glamorous! Not only did the fashion house get the likes of Julianne Moore, Lara Stone and Kristen Stewart to participate in this year's casino-themed show, but Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked the hottest model of the moment- Kendall Jenner - to be the star of the runway!

Kendall stepped out in a structured cream suit with a trailing bridal veil, matching the other Chanel models with her short bob, bright red lipstick and rosy cheeks. Our favorite part? Look at her two-tone nail art in cream and black, perfectly conplementing her look!

Want to copy Kendall's Chanel nail art? Follow our quick and easy guide below...

Nail the look!

Before you start...

Your nails need some good TLC too you know! So that means stop biting them and start treating them properly: use a nail file to shorten and shape your nails into rounded tips, filing in one direction to help strength the nail.

Moisturizing your hands also helps to take care of your nails to prevent dryness, breakages, or general wear and tear.

The base coat

Once you have strong, rounded nails, you can start applying the polish! Begin with the base coat: this protects your nails and keeps the color in place for longer.

Layer 1: rich cream

Once the base coat is dry, it is time to choose your first nail shade, like the cream color worn by Kendall on the Chanel runway. Apply two coats to each nail, waiting for each coat to dry and smoothing the nail brush slowly from cuticle to tip.

Layer 2: black tips

Next you will need some washi tape, a gentle means of covering parts of your nail without pulling off the lower layers of polish. Cover most of the cream polish but leave the tips of each nail free and paint over this with a black shade.


Always finish your nail art with a clear layer of top coat, adding shine and protection to your gorgeous manicure!

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