<span>US actress Kristen Stewart was spotted with a gorgeously messy hairstyle at the Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 show at Palais Montmorency at Paris Couture Fashion Week on 4 July 2013.</span>

Kristen Stewart at Paris Fashion Week: Messy summer hairstyle inspiration

by Kathy Saunders -

Paris Couture Fashion Week is full of inspiration from both the catwalks and the front rows and at the autumn-winter 2013/14 Zuhair Murad show, we spotted Kristen Stewart rocking a hairstyle we can see ourselves stealing ASAP for the rest of the summer.

K-Stew's trademark messy mane was swept unceremoniously to one side and worn loose over one shoulder with a small French braid (how appropriate...) running down the other side of her head. All you really nead to recreate this look is a comb, some salt spray and a little bit of patience.

Of course, a designer outfit to shimmy into afterwards wouldn't hurt but it's not compulsory.

Get the look

Start by blow-drying your hair upside down in order to give it some extra volume. Then, when it's about 80% dry, part it to one side using a comb to create a neat parting.

Next comes the braid. You need to keep it quite fine whilst adding in extra sections of hair as you go, just like you would with a French braid.

Top tip: Don't braid it too tightly either, the whole point of this look is that it's casual and a bit wild, not sleek and severe.

Once you've braided right to the end, secure with a transparent elastic band and tuck the braid around the back of your neck and mix it in with the rest of your hair.

To finish the look, spray on a very generous amount of salt spray and rough up the large, unbraided section of your hair. If you want a particularly untamed 'do, tease from the middle to the ends with the comb.

Et voilà, a new hairstyle for summer, fresh from Paris Fashion Week!

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