L'Oréal Paris expert Eric Del Monaco discusses the best Grammy hairstyles

What hairstyles rocked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards ? Professional hair stylist Eric Del Monaco talks to L'Oréal Paris beauty correspondant Gina Deyoung about what looks he thought rocked the most!

Eric's favorite looks

Hair expert Eric is known as a beauty trend-setter across the globe. He has been the official Hair Artist and Colourist for L'Oréal Paris in Canada since 2006, so he certainly knows what he's talking about when it comes to haircare and styling!

Chatting to Gina, Eric explains that the nature of the Grammys is a little more rock n' roll than other award ceremonies, so celebrities feel that they can be playful and edgy with their hair. This explains why we saw several braided hairstyles on the red carpet. Eric mentions that he loved Sarah Bareilles' hairstyle in particular: tousled waves and braids creating a cool hawk effect.

Speaking of 'rebellious' hairstyles, another celebrity who got the professional seal of approval for her atypical look was Alicia Keys. She went for a masculine-feminine look, with her dark hair swept up into a curly pompadour/fauxhawk (fake mohawk).

What was Eric's overall favorite hairstyle of the night? "I have to say it was Beyoncé " he says without hesitation "What I loved about her [was that] she came out with that wet look, and sort of that Thirties, Forties glamour look. She's gorgeous!"

We can't argue with Eric there, Beyoncé definitely scooped all the beauty and style awards with her sultry makeup, amazing outfits and great performances. But what about you? What was your favorite hairstyle of the evening?

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