Lara stone in shocking pink for the "The Search" premiere at Cannes

L'Oréal Paris ladies: definitely worth it at "The Search" premiere!

Tight-fitting dresses and bursts of color were on the menu for tonight's red carpet at Cannes for the premiere of "The Search", directed by Fred Zinnemann. Who stole the show on the famous staircase? The L'Oréal Paris ambassadors, of course!

Surprise after surprise!

Lara Stone

We'd got used to mostly black, cream and golden shades on the red carpet, when suddenly the British model stepped out in this shocking pink dress! The color made sure there was no way Lara Stone was going to go unnoticed by the photographers, but her loose, slightly side-swept wavy hair, as well as the cross-over straps, gave her ensemble a relaxed element.

Top spot: Lara clashed her dress with her nails: pink vs blood orange! Does it work? What do you think?

Barbara Palvin

Another big surprise came in the form of Barbara Palvin, who showcased her new dark red hair in a slinky white bodycon dress! Matching nails, and a very sultry smoky eye, brought the look together, and Barbara added some diamond earrings for a bit of sparkle (it is Cannes, after all!)

Top spot: Barbara has also used a darker eyebrow pencil than usual, to match her new dark red locks.

Aishwarya Rai

She was stunning last night (at the Deux jours, une nuit premiere) and she was just as gorgeous this evening. Aishwarya showed her red carpet credentials in another light gold dress, dripping in tiny sequinned tassels.

Top spot: Purple nails! Purple eyeshadow! We want!

Araya A. Hargate

Perhaps not as well-known outside her native Thailand, Araya is another of L'Oréal Paris' beautiful brand ambassadors. In this glittering black strapless dress, she's certainly made a name for herself in the South of France!

Top spot: Araya is wearing one of our favorite makeup looks - matte red lips, dark black kohl liner, and slicked back hair.

Another stunning red carpet... How do the L'Oréal ladies keep it up?!

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